Sunday, June 1, 2008

Speedbump Week

I am on the pager this week at work, which always puts me behind schedule on my writing. I manage to get a little done, but it's hard to get into the flow when the pager can go off at any time (this makes sleep a bit tricky sometimes, too).

My plan is to get my home office cleaned up and organized this week. Projects have a way of spreading themselves out while you're working on them. I'm hoping to pick up a couple of six-foot bookcases for my bedroom. I can move some books out of my office to give me more storage space. At least until I get more books, which is entirely possible.

Michael Knost sent me my copy of the picture of us presenting a copy of Legends of the Mountain State to the Governor. I took that, along with the nice letter the Governor sent me, to the Art Emporium to have them framed. By the end of the month, I will have a gorgeous frame and matting in an apropos blue and gold theme displayed in my office.

Speaking of Legends, the manuscript for Legends of the Mountain State 2 is in the hands of a very distinguished author in hopes of getting a blurb for the book. I can't say more right now, but it is an author I admire a great deal, and the thought of him reading my story makes me a bit nervous, I have to admit.

I have two novellas in development: The Grimhawkins and Living with the Freemartins. Grimhawkins is about halfway through the first draft, and I'm outlining Freemartins. I don't expect to have much progress on those this week, but if I can get some groundwork laid, I will be raring to go by next week.

In travel news: The travel season is now officially underway. I'm heading out to Indianapolis and Mo*Con on the weekend of the 13th, then it's off to Monroeville and HorrorHound Weekend on the 20th.

So, a lot of work ahead for me, which I of course don't mind, but some fun times ahead, too. Yeah, life is good.

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