Friday, May 30, 2008

A New Beginning

I have had a MySpace page for almost three years now. It has allowed me to make contact with old friends, and make some wonderful new ones, all of whom I cherish. It has been the center of my web presence for all that time, and if you wanted to find out what was new in my life, it was the place to go.

For almost as long, my web site has been on the web, beautifully designed by the very talented Deena Warner. I am very proud of the site, but I haven't used it for much. It has languished lonely on its little part of the Web, and hasn't been updated since the first of the year.

And I believe I've been doing this all backwards.

MySpace is a great advertizing tool, and a great way to reach out to people. It is also a huge hassle, and a place of unreasonable and uneven censorship. The experiences I and many of my friends have had recently illustrated to me the need to turn things around.

From this moment, will be the main source for news and information concerning my writing career. My focus will be primarily to develop the site and to make it more informative and interactive for everyone. I will maintain my MySpace page for the time being, and will mirror my blogs onto it, but it will no longer be the primary focus of my web presence. If you want the latest on me and my work, the place to go is

I will also be developing a web site to showcase my magical career: This is currently in the planning stages, but I will let you know more as the site develops.

It is very possible I will close my MySpace page in the future. As of right now, I will to keep it open, but we'll see how things go. Thanks to all of my MySpace friends who have joined me on this crazy ride. Trust me: more is on the way.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Announcement Friday

I will be making an announcement Friday on here and on my MySpace page (, concerning both websites. Check back on Friday.