Thursday, June 26, 2008

HorrorHound in Monroeville

My friend Kevin and I went to Monroeville and the HorrorHound Convention. Mostly, I went to see with Greg Nicotero. We don't get to hang out that much, since we live at opposite ends of the continent and are both pretty busy (he, of course, is a lot busier than I am), so it's great to have these occasional weekends where we can get together and goof around. Greg is like the big brother I never had, and he's always looking out for me. I can always count on him for those precious things all big brothers dish out: ridicule and abuse. And I do loves me some ridicule and abuse.

I ran into some other friends I didn't expect to see. Rob Lucas was there helping out with Toe Tag Pictures, and I hadn't seen him for awhile. We also ran into Mike and Patty, two friends from JawFest and NoFest. I made a few new friends, like Slick and Jessica. They were good friends, but hadn't met each other except for online. HorrorHound was the first time they had met face-to-face. Horror Conventions: They Bring People Together.

A few things I took away from HorrorHound:

  • Jovanka Vuckovic rocks hard. You may think you rock, but you don't rock like she rocks. Not even close. End of story.
  • John Landis proves that the very best in the business never stop being fanboys.
  • Not everyone should do karaoke.
  • No movie can ever truly suck if it has a monkey in it.
  • No good deed goes unpunished. Thanks to Time and Space Toys for keeping "Dawn of the Dead" playing at the Monroeville Mall, although it was an obviously uphill battle. I appreciated all you did. I wish more people did.
  • If you find a model of the USS Enterprise that screams "Khan! Khan!" when you press a button, you have to buy it. You are powerless to resist.
  • Always be ready to pitch your zombie golf movie. Doug Bradley will remember Kevin Pauley forever.

This will be my last horror con for a while, and least until August and HorrorFind. I still have NECon in July, and I'm ready for a more laid-back trip, although the drive itself is long and no fun at all. I have about a month to rest up for it.

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