Saturday, June 7, 2008

Magical Weekend

Yesterday I received new magic books and DVDs in the mail. I just finished watching Jeff McBride: Magic at the Edge. The DVDs also feature Abbi Spinner-McBride and Eugene Burger. I have benefited greatly from their teachings, both in books and DVDs and in person. They teach more than tricks; they teach the Way of Magic. They strive to go deeper into magic, to take simple tricks and explore their spiritual centers, and to make their Art transcend themselves. And they strive to encourage that passion in others. Jeff, Abbi, and Eugene always make me think, and I walk away inspired and motivated to make my magic better.

The timing of these DVDs couldn't be better. This coming Friday, I journey to Indianapolis, Indiana, and Mo*Con III: The Intersection of Spirituality, Art, and Gender. It may sound contradictory for a group of horror writers to get together to discuss spiritual matters, but really it isn't. The best writing--especially horror writing--comes from a spiritual center. One of the greatest lessons on authorial responsibility and having a moral center to your work was given to me by writer Jack Ketchum. He writes some of the most brutal fiction I've ever read, but the moral core in his work is why he is a superlative writer. Other writers try to be as graphic and shocking, but lack that core; and I believe that's why their work always falls short.

I hope this week brings beauty, creativity, and greater spirit for all of you. I should have good news to report in the weeks and months ahead.


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