Friday, June 20, 2008

Journey to Monroeville

My friend Kevin and I are leaving this morning to Monroeville and HorrorHound Weekend. It will be a weekend filled with fun and visiting friends I get to see only a handful of times a year. I am very fortunate to have talented and successful people as my friends, and they all are inspirational to me. However, success means we don't see each other that much because of busy schedules. I'm beginning to learn how precious little time one has when they are developing and perfecting their Art. All my free time seems filled to capacity with work; but I wouldn't have it any other way.

HorrorHound Weekend will be my last real trip before I apply nose to grindstone and begin work on a short story I plan to submit to an upcoming anthology. I can't say more right now, but this story may be one of the most important of my career. The competition will be tough, and I will need to be at my absolute best to place a story here; but this is an extraordinary opportunity that couldn't come at a better time. With a lot of hard work—and a little luck—something wonderful may happen here. We'll see.

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Jonathan Frost said...

I wish you luck, even though your talent will have much more to do with it.

Have fun at Horror Hound, I will see you for Horrorfind and maybe even Monstermania

Goatman Hollow will be doing a tour this year as part of Horrorfind. Not something to miss. Talk to you soon...