Thursday, January 22, 2009

Into the Heart of the Beast

This is what I've been up to for the last few weeks. Them's a whole lotta novel critiques. Tomorrow I go to Towson and the Borderlands Press Novel Boot Camp. I deliver these critiques and receive a few of my own, from all the "grunts" and the four instructors. Then, after I lick my wounds, I come home and get back to the work of writing.

More news when I get back home.

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Auntie said...

Hello Jay, it is Linda, I have been trying to get in touch with you for a VERY long time. Was talking to Mom this evening and she told me about your books. When I looked you up, I was able to find this would love to catch up with you. I have so much I would love to share with you. Write back to me when you can or let me know where I can write to you.....